Former LPL champion TBQ reveals that he is working in a shoe factory during streaming

Posted by Frank-Fan_7 months ago

Within the pro scene, some players have made themselves known worldwide, receiving millions of money along the way, while other players may not be as lucky as them.

Unfortunately, The former LPL champion, LGD's jungler TBQ is one of the latter.  During his personal stream on May 6th, TBQ told us he is now working in a shoe factory in the daytime and do some streaming after work, 'it's a busy and fulfilling life' he said.

Last night, many fans found TBQ's face was black and blue and asked him about what happened, he responded in a rather calm tone that he was quarreling with the supervisor and the quarrel soon escalated into a fight. However, when the fans kept asking for more detail, TBQ was a little impatient, 'I am going to turn off my camera if you keep asking about it.'

In 2015, TBQ fought his ways into LPL Summer finals as LGD's jungler and then beat QG, accomplishing his first and sole LPL championship. It was his and LGD's culmination though, and on S5 Worlds they were knocked out during group stage as LPL's first seed because of their slack attitude.

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